Holiday Guide

As we head into the busiest time of the year Maman has collaborated with the wonderful Sarah Tanner to help provide our community with some helpful tips and tricks to find moments of calm and reset over the approaching 'silly season'.


To keep aligned and on track, journaling is a wonderful way to detoxify the thoughts in a way that can often help us process before we take action.  Likewise, a great way to solidify dreams, aspirations and desires as a step closer to action.

Mindful Moment Outside

A simple few moments outside can not only deliver some precious Vitamin D, but also a mini meditation of sorts.  Nature holds a grounding energy which can provide a calming sensation away from the busy frequencies in the home.  Even better if you have some grass to stand, sit or walk barefoot on.

Reading a Book

An escape in words!  Try different genres or maybe even a personal development book.  The end of the year is an ideal time to start planting seeds for the year to come.  Whilst the screen in all its formats is an enticing lure as a way to checkout, there is nothing like the turn of a page.

Cup of Tea

There is a reason why tea ceremonies are having such a big movement.  The act of making tea, letting it brew and choosing your favourite cup to enjoy it from.  With so many varieties and blends now, there is a cup for all times of the day.  For summer, iced tea is so refreshing and a delicious way to keep hydrated.


Like my recipes and other daily wellness rituals, I prefer my sits to be fast, simple and delicious. I have numerous books on the subject which are great, but the most effective technique for me is to start with some rounds of Bhramari Pranayama or humming breath, then drop into a meditation with eyes closed down but really focused on the third eye space internally. This is the space between the eyebrows. Some days 10 minutes is all that is achieved, and that is just fine.

Sound Bath

Facilitating sound baths has changed my life, quite literally. The act of pausing and allowing ourselves to fall into waves of deep relaxation is really powerful. When done on your own it is all encompassing, but even better in a group environment of friends or work teams. The cohesion of energy frequencies and ability to get everyone on the same wavelength so to speak,is something every workplace should experience.

Soul Food

Food is something to celebrate and I have a rule of nourishment over punishment. Eating what feels good for you is really key. Instead of following trends and fads, get really honest with looking at how the food you eat makes you feel; not just during, but after too. The gut never lies!

I would like to share with you below a recipe for my Festive DIY Bliss Balls. They are such a simple and delicious throw together sweet treat. You can load with superfood powders, and even protein powders for a functional snack.

Try these slightly more fancy ones for the festive season, and check out @sarahtannernz on instagram for loads more bliss ball ideas.