Founded in 1997 by Thierry Gillier, Zadig & Voltaire is enjoying undeniable success in the high-end ready-to-wear sector. Zadig aims to embody a new luxury by giving fashion basics a playful and resolutely rock 'n' roll twist: a more affordable, stylish, and laid-back luxury.

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Zadig et Voltaire Sustainable Practices

Zadig et Voltaire has made a long-term commitment to help preserve air quality by combating climate change and air pollution in all its activities.

Improving the overall sustainable production of raw materials used in Zadig et Voltaire's clothing has become one of their highest priority and led to creating ambitions to achieve by 2025...

- 100% eco-friendly key raw materials
- 0 virgin plastic made from fossil fuels
- 100% of our packaging made from certified sustainable and recyclable traced materials