Apiece Apart design their collections for intentional wardrobe building – mixing, matching and layering. Pieces that last for years to come, can be wrinkled and worn on repeat.

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Apiece Apart's Sustainable efforts

Apiece Apart craft timeless, long-lasting garments that exist outside of trend cycles, and every collection is cut-to-order, with little to no excess inventory at the end of each season.

As part of their ongoing sustainability efforts, they source natural, organic and recycled fibers whenever possible, and they work to minimize waste and energy usage in their design and production process. When they do have excess, liability fabric, they are repurposed in the form of pajama capsules (shown above) or are donated to Fabscrap, a New York based nonprofit working to divert textile waste from landfills.

Apiece Apart prioritize fair treatment of workers and artisans within the supply chain. Their traceability is 100% for their tier 1 factory manufacturing partners (cut and sew), and they are committed to providing complete lifecycle visibility – from seed and farm, to spinners and dyers, to the factory and ultimately to you.