Born in colour, CRUSH. was founded by creative artist and sustainable enthusiast Jill Shaw, to bring to life the beauty and optimism of nature through the vibrancy of the brand. 

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CRUSH Ethics and Responsibility

Sustainability and responsible practice has always been at the heart of the CRUSH story. From the beginning they have been in partnership with the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), who offer a holistic and globally-recognized standard that addresses the key sustainability and welfare issues related to cashmere production and provides assurance for ‘responsibly-produced cashmere’.

The SFA works to ensure a fairer and more sustainable cashmere supply chain from goat to garment - minimizing the environmental impact of cashmere, safeguarding herder livelihoods and ensuring animal welfare.

CRUSH cashmere fibers are harvested by a local herding community in Mongolia with high animal welfare standards and a responsible land management approach.

The entire process of cashmere garment production, from the processing of the yarns to the knitting of the finished pieces takes place under one roof. This drastically reduces, cashmere waste and carbon emissions, whilst allowing us to ensure the welfare of our factory teams.