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MAMAN WOMEN || Leecia Burford

One of the things we cherish the most here at Maman, is the relationships we build with our beautiful customers. Leecia is one of our Maman Women who we met when our doors first opened and who has undoubtedly become an inspiration to us as fellow business owners, fashion lovers, mothers, wives and sisters.

With over 20 years in the commercial sales world, Leecia's love of fashion has been intertwined in her life from the word go.  Owning a styling business cemented that it was people Leecia valued the most.  Working with her clients to wardrobe cleanse and style for events, it was new season shopping that made her tick.  For us, whenever Leecia comes into Maman to visit, her ability to peruse the racks and pull together outfits is amazing!  Always impeccably dressed, she has a certain style that we love.

Similar to our Maman founders, Kate and Emma, it was over a conversation with her sister that saw Leecia change career pathways and together they joined forces to start an Insurance business.  The rest is history, and today Leecia Burford Financial Services is one of the top insurance advisors in the greater Auckland region.

Insurance has allowed Leecia to continue her passion of working with people.  Being able to work, assist and make a difference when her clients need it the most is what gets her out of bed in the morning.  The old saying of 'do what you love and you will never work a day in your life' rings true for Leecia.

Family is at the forefront of everything Leecia does, and it has been her husband of over 25 years who has been her biggest support, driving her to find that successful business that makes her happy.  

Thank you Leecia for being one of OUR biggest supports and inspiration.


 Introducing Leecia Burford

Director at Leecia Burford Financial Services Ltd

Leecia Burford.

Insurance Advisor.

What inspires you:
All Women.

Favourite Local Designers:
Karen Walker and Twenty-Seven names.

Favourite International Designers:
IRO, Rabens Saloner, Baum Und Pferdgarten, MISA, White + Warren, PAIGE, and Philippe Model.

Go to outfit:
PAIGE pant with White + Warren cashmere jumper and Philippe Model sneaker.

Fashion Mantra:
Look good for you and always put your lippy on!

Style Inspiration/Fashion Icon:
Marilyn Monroe.

Last thing you googled:
Insurance policy wordings.

Last book you read:
Girl in the mirror, by Rose Carlyle, a kiwi author.

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with:
George Clooney.

A day in the life of Leecia looks like:
I start every day around 6am, try to listen to Radio NZ till 6.30am then it's 45mins on the cross trainer, followed by a coffee from our local cafe - just over the road!

I am always dressed, lippy on, ready for the day whether I am working from home doing reports, making calls or out seeing a client. I dress to make myself feel good every day.

I travel to my clients, all over Auckland. Sometimes, these are evening appointments which can run late, so prefer to work weekends when clients are less stressed and there is less peak hour traffic!

As a result I often work 6 days, but I ensure I can take time during the day to pop into my favourite shops between appointments. I love making a difference in my client lives every day - I love what I do.

Our kids are now amazing young independent adults who are well used to my irregular working days. And I am blessed to have an amazing husband of 25 years. He has cooked for me every day since we met.

Favourite Instagram Accounts to follow:
Not a big social media fan - maybe it is my age! My Facebook sends me fashion and real estate advertisements, so I guess that speaks volumes!

What's in your handbag right now:
Keys, hand sanitizer, face mask, hand cream, my wallet, lipstick, small note pad and pen.

What's the one thing you can't live without:
My family.

What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe:
The watch my husband brought for my 50th.

Most coveted fashion item right now:
My Baum Und Pferdgarten shirt, IRO top and Philippe Model sneakers. The shirt makes me feel beautiful.

What's the biggest fashion mistake you've ever made:
80's - a purple G strung leotard with flour yellow leggings.

What are you doing for the rest of the day:
Monday is my office day, so it will be reports, calls and follow ups.

Current song on rotate:
Dance by Billie Eilish.

Are you a 'wish list' or an 'add to cart' kind of girl:
Add to cart every time.

Last picture you took on your phone:
The beautiful painting on our bedroom wall to share on Facebook.

Best compliment you have ever received:
Being asked to be a Maman Woman!

Favourite quote or saying:
You're a long time dead, just do it!

Best advice anyone has ever given you:
Stop trying to change it, learn to live with it!

Perfect Holiday Destination:
Amalfi Coast. It is absolute heaven.

Last words:
I have always loved fashion and colour even as a little girl, no one could buy me clothes ever! Clothes and shoes make me happy and how they can make you feel as a women is special to me.

Lastly I want to say how super proud I am of Kate and Emma with the success of Maman - love and hard work pays off! When I step into Maman it feels like I am popping in to see a girlfriend and I love them to piece's! The only problem is I always leave with a bag under my arm!

Location: Maman Boutique and Remuera Precinct

Photographer: Jono Parker

Styling: Leecia Burford

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