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MAMAN WOMEN || Kate Boyden and Emma Main

The world of fashion retail is often characterised by fierce competition and fast-paced trends, but some stories stand out for their unique blend of creativity, passion, and strong familial bonds. For this special Mother’s Day edition of Maman Women we sat down with our co-founders, Emma Main and Kate Boyden and delve into the inspiring journey of two sisters who embarked on an adventure together, establishing their own successful fashion retail boutique. From humble beginnings to a thriving business both in-store and now online, their story is a testament to the power of sisterhood, motherhood and a shared vision.

Every great venture begins with a dream, and for these two sisters it was a collective vision between them and their beloved mum Deb. Growing up, they were immersed in an environment where creativity thrived, as Deb was a fashion enthusiast who owned a retail store in Benson Road Remuera called The Camomile Lawn.  A boutique full of exclusive international fashions including her own designs of bags and skivvies. Their father, Rod Dixon, was a professional athlete who travelled the world exposing the girls to incredible people, places and experiences.  As kids, Kate and Em loved nothing more than playing shops ‘We would turn my bedroom into a store’ says Kate. ‘ There were clothes displayed around the room and a collection of bags our dad would bring us home from his travels to bag up the purchases’.  ‘I was always the customer’ laughs Emma ‘eventually I would run a side hustle taking my old toys and books around the neighbourhood and offer complimentary oddfellows with each purchase.  I remember loving all the conversations with the people in my street’.

‘As we got older Em, Mum and I always talked about owning our own boutique together' says Kate. 'It was always something that simmered away in the background for the three of us, it was just the timing had never been right.  We were either in other jobs, getting married or having our babies.’ Emma adds, ‘Sadly, when Mum passed away, and quite suddenly, it really shifted us and we knew something good had to come out of adversity.  Kate and I knew it was time to start and get our idea off the ground; create something long lasting in honour of her'.



The name Maman is a homage to Deb, the French word for Mother, and a perfect fit for a boutique that focuses on curating the best from French and European designers. To stand out in the competitive fashion industry, Kate and Emma understood the importance of creating a distinctive brand that resonated with their target audience.

They meticulously curated Maman's collection, combining timeless classics with the latest trends from the most desired International labels, and prioritised quality and craftsmanship above all else. 'A lot of inspiration comes from our wonderful loyal customers and local community' says Kate, 'We constantly tweak and finesse our curation of products and brands to meet the demands of our stylish and discerning women.' Emma adds 'Listening. We are always listening, from our suppliers, to our community to our own incredible internal team. We have had so many customers over the years that we have loved getting to know and we are truly influenced by their take on trend and fashion.'

Their emphasis on personalised customer service and attention to detail quickly earned them a loyal following ensuring that every visit to the Remuera boutique was a unique and memorable experience. 'Instinctively, when we spoke about location, it had to be Remuera. Em and I grew up in the suburb and having moved back here in our later lives we knew it was time to give back to the community and share our dream with them. To this day we still love working on the floor and talking to our community.'

One of the most remarkable aspects of their success story is the dynamic partnership between the two. While they share a deep bond, they also possess complementary skills that help lay the foundation of Maman. While Emma excels in design and the creative process including running Maman's social media, as well as overseeing HR, Kate possesses a keen business acumen, mastering the art of logistics and wholesale relations. Together, they have become an unstoppable duo, each bringin their unique strengths to the table. Both Kate and Emma are still heavily involved in the buying for both the boutique and online. 'It is such an honour to work with all these amazing brands and their teams. It is often humbling knowing they have chosen Maman to be their brand ambassadors here in New Zealand.'

Beyond fashion, Kate and Emma recognise the significance of giving back to the community that continues to support their journey. They actively engage in local charitable initiatives, organising events and fundraisers that bring people together for a cause. By aligning the Maman brand with social responsibility, they have not only made a positive impact on their Maman community but have also cultivated a reputation as a socially conscious fashion retailer.

The tale of these two sisters who ventured into the fashion retail industry together is a testament to the power of family, passion, and determination. With a shared vision, complementary strengths, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, they transformed their dream into a flourishing reality. Their inspiring journey serves as a reminder that success knows no bounds when driven by a strong bond and a passion for what you love.

Emma Main.

What inspires you:
Art, music, travel, fashion, friends and family.

Go to outfit:
A crisp shirt, denim, a blazer and trainers.

Fashion Mantra:
The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear. I love how you can change your look depending on how you are feeling!

Style Inspiration/ Fashion Icon:
I am inspired by all that is around me, architecture, films from the past and present, runway shows, fashion publications/ sites and the people I meet.

Are you a 'wish list' or an 'add to cart' kind of girl:
Always add to cart, terrible self-control.

Best compliment you have ever received:
People say that I am like my Mum in that we have a great energy, this is important to me. I truly believe the energy you give off to others is what you get back.

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with:
Rod Stewart.

Best piece of advice your Mother gave you:
To feel the fear and do it anyway.

Last thing you googled:
The weather... boring I know but important to know what to wear!

Last book you read:
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight - A brilliant book.

A day in the life of Emma looks like:
Working with our incredible team at Maman, front of house and back of house on the daily. Juggling mum life and fitting in a meditation or work out to keep me balanced.

What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe:
The entire wardrobe! It's hard to single out just one piece.

What are you doing for the rest of the day:
Heading off to my other home and family, Maman for meetings with the team, walking the dog, fumbling my way through homework with my littles and making dinner!

Last words:
The only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do! I can wholeheartedly say that I genuinely love my job, I'm proud of Maman and our team who work alongside us. It is a special place. xx

Kate Boyden.

Fashion Mantra:
Wear what you feel comfortable in. If you FEEL good, then undoubtedly you will LOOK good.

What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe:
My Louis Vuitton Keepall travel bag. I was given this by some of my fabulous friends when I turned 40 so it's a very special, classic piece I will always own and feel proud of and happy using.

What's the biggest fashion mistake you've ever made:
Acid wash denim overalls worn with white ankle socks and black kung fu shoes... yikes! It was the 80's though so I guess I was hip at the time...

Best compliment you have ever received:
That I am a 'good mum'. I work so hard and try to do my best by being a good human with kindness, honesty and generosity. If my boys get to see that and take on these important traits and skills of life - then I am indeed winning.

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with:
Celeste Barber - she seems super sool, and very very funny. Laughter gets you out of trouble any time!

Go to outfit:
Lately it has been my Xirena Rex pants (I have them in most colours) paired with a crisp white shirt - Anine Bing Mika Shirt or Citizens of Humanity Kayla Shirt.

I do love a great pair of denim jeans - Cindy by PAIGE are a fave cut, a floral Ulla Johnson top, Philippe Model Temple Sneakers and topped with a Zadig et Voltaire Blazer. Always with my Louve phone case strappped to my body!

Best piece of advice your Mother gave you:
The universe will provide. Mum always trusted life to give you what you need just when you need it. She always had everything that she needed at the right time.

What's in your handbag right now:
Wallet, lipstick, panadol, reading glasses, Tosca reusable coffee cup, journal, pen, hand cream and a green apple!

What's the one thing you can't live without:
My morning cup of tea - I love a cuppa!

Last book you read:
Sort your Sh*t out by Mike Hutcheson. I loved this book as it provided me with insights into the changing economic environment and helped to identify potential opportunities. My new mantra is 'out of adversity comes opportunity' - Mike is a legend.

Last words:
Find your passion and purpose in life. I'm so grateful to love what I do every day. It doesn't feel like a job as it brings me so much joy. I get to live in and be part of a kind, wonderful community, I work alongside sensational women. am surrounded with beautiful objects that inspire and excite me and I get to work every day with my sister and best friend. What more could I wish for!?

Location: Maman Boutique and Remuera Precinct

Photographer: Jono Parker

Styling: Emma Main and Kate Boyden

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