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Jaimie Webster Haines is a name synonymous with fashion and music both here in New Zealand and abroad.  From her eponymous fashion label to her sound design, DJing and playlist curation, Jaimie brings new meaning to the term powerhouse.  Her zest for life and the creative possibilities that surround it are unrivalled.  In recent years the re-launch of her Jaimie fashion brand and her in demand house and disco DJ career has seen this busy mother of one (her son Zoot will be eight on Christmas Eve) take on both industries with a renewed passion.

 The lens in which Jaimie sees moments, objects and opportunity is one full of creativity and since graduating from Elam with a Bachelor of fine art, has become the unique and highly successful backbone to her career. ‘To me music and clothing are interconnected in the way that wearing something or just listening to something can make you feel. I am blessed to be able to work in both mediums everyday’.

Our Maman Women team met with Jaimie at her home studio and were welcomed by her infectious smile, open arms and of course music!  Married to jazz legend Nathan Haines, their house is a creative hive of colour, art, personal knick-knacks that each come with a special story and records… oh so many records!   Jaimie’s comfort behind the camera comes from her years modelling internationally as both a fashion editorial and brand model.  With every look she styled for our Maman Women shoot there was a story or iconic reference that came with the ‘look’ ensuring the clothes were bought to life rather than just worn. 

Maman is extremely proud and excited to announce our collaboration with Jaimie called ‘Kind of Bleu’.  The collaboration was born out of a respect and admiration for each other’s fashion brands. Our co-founders Kate and Emma have long been a fan of Jaimie’s design and aesthetic, originally frequenting her Ponsonby boutique some years ago to purchase some of the most covetable pieces made by Jaimie and sourced from around the world.  For Jaimie she loves walking into Maman and getting lost in the clothes and books, admiring what Kate and Emma have created in the Remuera boutique.

The Maman x Jaimie collaboration centre’s around the iconic Jaimie BELLE shirt which is one of Kate and Emma’s all-time favourite shapes as it works so well in your wardrobe. The girls took the time to choose the fabrics together making for a really beautiful ‘blue’ hue offering of a limited range of shirts for the Maman customer. 

In between fits of laughter and sporadic dance offs we spoke with Jaimie about her journey, inspiration, fashion moments she wished she could forget and that one thing she cannot live without.


 Introducing Jaimie Webster Haines

DJ and Designer


Jamie Webster Haines.

Clothing Designer, DJ and Party Starter!

What inspires you:
Independent humans who buck the trend, are true to themselves and appreciate real art and creation. I find children inspiring for his exact reason - they are true to themselves. Inspiration is everywhere and the world around us if full of it, the land, the people, our memories, feelings, the sensations! I am always creating and I am not sure where the inspiration directly comes from, but I do love people, their endless creativity and talent. Everything to me is something that could be used in some way to make something, play something, do something, feel something.

Favourite Maman Brands:
Jamie! American Vintage, Maison Balzac. All of the books.

Go to Outfit:
A cotton shirt and a relaxed trouser.

Fashion Mantra:
Less is more and always have a bit of fun!

Style Inspiration/ Fashion Icon:
I am forever inspired sartorially by the history of dress, traditional costume and attire - fabrics and tailoring. 'Street' culture is hugely influential to me - especially growing up in the 90s! I love individuality in someone's style what ever they may be wearing. It is something we don't see so much of these days with the influence of Instagram and homogenisation of society. Costume designers, fashion stylists and fashion designers who reference and respect history and culture while and portraying it in a relevant new way are deeply inspirational. Designers like Vivienne Westwood, Yohji Yamamoto and Emily Adams Bode are helping to preserve the art of craftsmanship for generations to come as well as having a large part in changing the way we consume fashion. Sustainable practices are at the forefront of their production and ethos. Not just as a lip service either!

Last thing you googled:
Jackets at Maman!

Last book you read:
'Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor' by Tim Lawrence.

A day in the life of Jaimie looks like:
Balancing work, motherhood and life with music, food and love. And always in a good outfit!

Favourite Instagram Accounts to follow:
@Groove_of_the_day, @emilyforgot, @lailacooks, @samueldrira and @franburns.

What's in your handbag right now:
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

What's in your handbag right now:
Wallet, lipgloss, old receipts, a pen, two USB's and a small vile of Dries Van Noten raving rose perfume.

What's one thing you can't live without:
My family.

What is the most precious thing in your wardrobe:
Everything in my wardrobe is precious. I like to keep it that way otherwise there will be no space!

Most coveted fashion item at Maman right now:
A Jaimie Belle shirt and the Baum Und Pferdgarten Dilara Coat.

What's the biggest fashion mistake you've ever made:
Buffalo boots and corn row braids? I had braces at the same time too. It was a strong look.

What are you doing for the rest of the day:
Planning and practicing for my DJ set at club 121 in Wellington this Friday. Doing this Q&A! Talking to one of my seamstresses about the finished elastic length and side dart pocket on a new Jaimie trouser we are creating. Picking up my son from school, making dinner etc etc!

Current song on rotate:
'Love you more' by Nathan Haines from his new vinyl only EP out on Neroli records, Italy.

Are you a 'wish list' or and 'add to cart kind of girl:
Both. But often ends up in the cart!!

Last picture you took on your phone:
My son Zoot wearing a big red letter 'B' costume yesterday at BFM. I was doing a live mix on air for the boys on the Swap Meet show on Sunday

Best compliment you have ever received:
Customers have told me several times "I always feel the most like myself when I wear Jaimie clothes". This to me is the ultimate compliment as a designer. I have also been told that through wearing the Jaimie aesthetic I have changed their lives for the better!

Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with:
My husband. OR someone who is very funny and can do little comedy skits and song and dance routines for me.

Best piece of advice your Mother gave you:
My mum is full of wisdom, positivity and love. She has always taught me to be strong in myself and that I can do anything if I really want it. She also taught me to try and live without fear, to look after and care for myself and not try to please everyone. It's a hard thing to do for woman so we must try to remember that! My mum has always had her own businesses that she has created and been creative in and I feel so lucky to have such a strong influence in my life.

What is your first Holiday Destination:
The South of France. Or my mum's house in Whiritoa in the coromandel!

Last Words:
I am super excited to be collaborating with Emma and Kate at Maman on this upcoming 'Kind of Bleu' collaboration.

My Jaimie pieces are super exclusive and special as I make in small limited runs - often made to order and only available at certain times of the year.

Each garment is made in New Zealand by someone special for someone special and represents true luxury and slow fashion with no waste.

We worked on the colour choices together in theme with my love of the blue sea here at home in NZ and also in the Mediterranean. We have a couple of exciting additions as a part of this collection, including a bespoke playlist by myself for Maman.

My mother Di Armstrong is an incredible artist and has kindly created a painting for us using the shirt colours as inspiration which will be available to purchase through the Maman Boutique. How cool is that?

Location: Maman Boutique and Remuera Precinct

Photographer: Jono Parker

Styling: Jaimie Webster Haines

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