Our Maman Women are the incredible customers who inspire us every day, and who have played an important part in the Maman story to date.  To say there are many wonderful Maman Women in our lives is an understatement, however one who has made a particular impact on us is Dr Margaret (Marg) Wilsher.

Marg first came into the lives of our founders, Kate and Emma, in mid 2013 when their mother, Deb (the inspiration behind Maman) was her patient.

She recalls meeting the girls when Deb was awaiting a lung transplant – and everyone’s joy when it was granted.

“It was such a race to get everything lined up for Deb’s transplant, and we were all so happy when the operation went well. I remember visiting her afterwards, and she was sitting up in bed looking just as pleased as punch!” says Marg.

“It was a rollercoaster,” adds Kate. “We had these little moments of absolute triumph when something went right, but there were many, many battles as well. No matter what we were facing, Marg was right by our side… We felt very safe in her care.”

While an acute rejection meant that Deb later passed away, Emma and Kate remained in touch with Marg. As a fellow fashion-lover and Remuera local, the girls were delighted when Marg became a regular Maman customer after the boutique opened.

Emma adds, “Through Mum’s treatment, Marg became a real part of our family history… Always supporting and encouraging us in her warm way. The fact that we are still able to catch up with her – and in a setting that mum would have adored – is very special to Kate and I.”

With this time of the year particularly hard for Kate and Emma, we thought it poignant to have Marg as our December Maman Women and celebrate such an incredible and humble woman.


 Introducing Dr Margaret Wilsher

Chief Medical Officer at Auckland District Health Board (ADHB)

Location: Maman Boutique and Tosca Remuera
Photographer: Jono Parker
Styling: Margaret Wilsher