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MAMAN WOMEN || Deb Dixon

When Kate and Emma founded Maman in 2015, it was with one very special woman in mind – their beautiful mum, Deb Dixon.

An exceptionally stylish woman, her lifelong love of fashion was passed down to her daughters, and her talent for pulling together classic ensembles (always with a twist!) was what inspired them to create Maman.

While Deb passed away before Maman opened, the value she placed on looking gorgeous, having fun and being a vibrant part of her local community lives on in the brand.

Deb is also the inspiration for Maman Women – a celebration of the gorgeous women who have become part of the Maman community.

The following is a collaboration between Emma and Kate to celebrate both her memory and the impact she made on their fashion journey.


 Introducing Deb Dixon

Our Ultimate Maman Woman


Ask anyone who knew Mum and they'll tell you she was always beautifully dressed:
A fashion lover through - and-through Mum took pride in being immaculately turned out for any occasion - even if it was just a trip to the supermarket.

We vividly remember the time she got caught in the rain while shopping in New York. Rather than spending the afternoon with bedraggled hair, she grabbed a scarf and tied it around her head, Audrey Hepburn-style.

She adored fashion icons like Jacki O and her wardrobe was full of timeless pieces that were equal parts quality and elegance.

While Mum's taste was paired back and classic, every outfit had a twist.
Mum's knack for putting together gorgeous ensembles were legendary, and her style reflected her personality. She was funny, naughty, loyal and, of course, always stylish.

She might pair an elegant black outfit with brightly coloured accessories, or a simple white shirt with a bold print skirt.

Mum also had a real penchant for leopard print, and that's why you'll see little leopard accents throughout the store - from our ottoman to the tissue we use when we wrap our purchases.

For Mum, it wasn't about the label - it was always about the outfit:
Mum was born to shop. In fact we often joke that, had she been around while the store was open, we would have constantly found stock missing as she would have been 'borrowing' items left, right and centre.

But, while some of her favourite designers hailed from Paris or the States, Mum was just as happy creating a gorgeous outfit with pieces from local or lesser known brands.

She wasn't precious about labels, what she really appreciated was gorgeous pieces that made a statement and had enduring style.

Whatever the outfit, you could always guarantee Mum would be wearing something beautifully cut and timeless, with a playful accent that showed her personality.

Mum was the original Maman Woman.
Yes, Mum adored fashion - and she loved to shop! But there was a lot more to her.

As well as being an incredible mother, she was also creative, entrepreneurial and gutsy.

When she co-owned 'The Chamomile Lawn' boutique on Benson Road, she created a new concept store where designer gowns could be hired for balls and events (the Designer Wardrobe of its day).

And, as a real estate agent working in Remuera, she loved the way her job enabled her to meet so many new people in her community (many of whom went on to become good friends).

Mum's drive, her love of people, her creativity and her sense of fun are what we remember with so much love.

They're also the qualities that formed the foundation Maman is built on, and they continue to guide and inspire us each and every day.

Kate and Emxx

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