Born in Prishtina, Kosovo, Blerta Rakovica first came to New Zealand in 2000 with her family.  Speaking no english and knowing few people, she overcame many obstacles, seeing them only as stepping stones to her future success.,

After studying fine arts at the Whitecliff College of Arts Blerta set up her first business, a graphic design studio, but a chance meeting with an old friend changed the trajectory from a career in graphic design to one in hospitality.  Given the opportunity to take over a struggling restaurant in the suburb of Remuera, Blerta went to work building an empire that has now spanned the ownership of three successful hospitality experiences and driven her to open Tosca Espresso Bar, her latest industry foray.

With a passion for people, the move into hospitality was the right fit, and the potential that Blerta saw was too much to pass up.  With her latest venture at Tosca, you can really feel her love for all elements of hospitality coming through.  It is warm and inviting and fast becoming a destination for locals to meet, sit and enjoy the experience beyond just coffee.

To meet Blerta is to love her.  Her smile is infectious, her service impeccable and her coffee hits the spot, every time.  A true self-made woman, she has taught us here at Maman so many lessons in perseverance, staying true to your goals and never giving up in the face of adversary.  As a mother of three children her daily juggle is one she carries with such ease and poise, a lesson in composure, even when Tosca is a constant stream of customers, she is unflappable and assured, always with that infamous smile on her face.


 Introducing Blerta Rakovica

Hospitality and Graphic Design 

Location: Tosca Espresso Bar, Remuera, Auckland
Photographer: Jono Parker
Styling: Blerta Rakovica
Hair: Hare & Hunter