Founded in 2004, PAIGE is an international apparel brand for men and women, offering elevated wardrobe staples at the forefront of fashion. 

Co-Founder and Creative Director, Paige Adams-Geller, started out as the top fit model in the industry where she mastered all of the details that go into achieving the perfect denim fit. When she launched the brand, she used her unique viewpoint and expertise to ensure that every item was comfortable, flattering, high-quality and would stand the test of time. With fit and comfort as the foundation of the brand, there quickly became an opportunity to seamlessly expand into the men’s market, making Adams-Geller one of the first female founders to successfully launch a men’s and women’s denim brand.

After twenty years in business, PAIGE has become synonymous with quality, comfort, fabric innovation and fashion-forward designs, staying true to their mantra: “Great fit never goes out of style.”


Q&A with Paige Adams-Geller


Tell us a little bit about starting the PAIGE brand, taking us back to some of those early days of the business.

I always like to share a little bit about my history, personally, before I start talking about the brand. I think that it really makes sense when you understand that part of my life. I grew up in Alaska. I left Alaska at the age of 16 when I graduated high school and moved to New York to model.

I was in the entertainment industry for a bit and then went to USC to go to university. When I got out of university, I still wanted to be in the entertainment world. I was acting and singing and modeling and, unfortunately, realized that because of my Me Too experiences, that was not going to be a healthy environment for me.

When I was reconsidering my career, I fell into this world of what is known as a fit model. That is how I was introduced to fashion in a different perspective other than modeling. When I started working as a fit model, I was introduced to all different kinds of fashion, where I actually got to be the body, where the garments were draped upon and the patterns were created. I felt like I went to fashion 101 school, and I fell madly in love with design, and premium denim became an expertise of mine.

Then I began working as a fit consultant and design consultant for a lot of the most successful companies that were born during those years. After being very fulfilled working as a fit model and design consultant, I felt that there was a missing link where there needed to be a brand born and created from a female designer's perspective and creative director's perspective that really could introduce denim in a new way and showcase what I think all of us were looking for at that time.

That is really how the brand was born. I really wanted to showcase what I wanted to wear and think about denim as the foundation of a wardrobe in different fits so that you could end the drama and the trauma of trying on denim.

What does it mean to you to be the first female founder in premium denim?

I am honoured and proud to be the first female founder in the premium denim world! It means so much to me. I feel I have always been a risk taker, and when my heart is passionate about something I give it 1000 percent.  I also believe being a pioneer is part of my spirit. I feel like I have been able to pave the way and set an example for other women and young girls who have big dreams – showing them that all things are possible.  There are no limitations and no mountains they can’t climb!

What has been your proudest moment since starting PAIGE?

My proudest moment since starting PAIGE was when we reached a level of success where I was able to have a platform to use my voice. I have had the ability to help others through sharing my personal stories of overcoming adversity. It has also been a pleasure of mine helping others within the company reach their own personal and professional goals in the business.  

What is one thing you wish more people knew or understood about the fashion industry?

I wish more people understood how tough the fashion industry is. It moves so fast, and it is so competitive. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline to be successful and stay successful.  It’s not all about events, parties, and playing dress up. Don’t get me wrong... it is fun! But to be successful you have to take it very seriously.

What's the biggest mistake people can make when jeans shopping?

Not being adventurous enough when trying on jeans. You can get stuck if you think you only suit one style of jean; it will unnecessarily narrow your shopping experience. I always recommend bringing a full outfit into the dressing room and trying it on – don’t just put on jeans with bare feet and a tshirt, because once you put a whole outfit together, you can wear things that you never expected. Take a risk!

What’s one thing you hope will change about the fashion industry in the future?

I hope the fashion industry will change with people going back to the enjoyment of visiting stores more!  Even though I embrace and love online shopping, I still need to get out and see and feel and touch clothing and shoes!  I also hope inclusivity is not a trend and that women and men of all shapes and sizes will always know that they have an equal place in fashion.  

What’s your go-to outfit when you want to feel your most confident?

When I want to feel confident, I wear black jeans, a silk georgette blouse, a leather jacket, and boots with edgy hardware details.

What and/or who inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who take risks and who are authentic and vulnerable.  

What’s next for PAIGE?

I’m a dreamer and continue to dream beyond what is the obvious of today! I see no boundaries in our future. I want to continue creating and enjoy the adventure!