DENIM GUIDE || Citizens of Humanity

Citizens of Humanity is a Los Angeles-based premium denim label that has captivated the world with a devoted commitment to producing the highest quality denim, without compromise. With an elevated style that exudes femininity, naturalness, and a sophisticated ease, this sets the foundation for the brand that continuously executes each design with intention in every detail.

Their LA based designers travel the world sourcing superior fabrications and seeking inspiration in every corner of the finest vintage markets. The Citizens of Humanity team continues to build a powerful women’s assortment that speaks to the core of their brand values; impeccable fits crafted in authentic fabrications and washes, providing women with the utmost comfort and confidence.

Each season, Citizens of Humanity delivers a uniform of wardrobe classics that have been modernised for today.


Q&A with Marianne McDonald


Citizen of Humanity's aesthetic is all about elevated essentials in quality fabrics. Tell us a little about your design process.

Citizen's collections evoke a signature ease and a sense of versatility. Any company can make denim, but people come to us because we have a strong point of view.  We make familiar silhouettes but with a modern edge. When designing for the modern woman, I always consider the idea of necessity. Sometimes necessity translates as a particular vibe and other times it’s a certain silhouette. It’s essentially about homing in on what form “necessity” takes. Sometimes, at the beginning of a season, you feel one thing and then months later you gravitate towards something else – it’s a very fluid process.

What are your top tips for styling denim?

First, always try on multiple sizes to get the right look – every style and brand will be slightly different and the silhouette will dictate the fit you need. Secondly, try new silhouettes; they might feel unfamiliar at first, but new silhouettes are what keeps jeans feeling fresh and current. You don’t want to be wearing styles that look dated. Lastly, invest in a good belt. Not only are they practical, but they also add interest to the simplest of looks. 

"Jeans stand the test of time because there’s no other piece that can be worn in so many ways."

– Marianne McDonald

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is sophisticated, natural and feminine, and it’s reflected in the brand. On one level it’s about developing what I would like to see in my own wardrobe. When I design, I create things through the lens of my own personal taste, but the main focus is still the Citizens customer. 

What is your favourite denim style this season?

Right now, my favourite jeans are the Ayla. I love them because they have a huge turn up for the day and then you can uncuff them and wear them with heels in the evening. I love easy, sophisticated looks that don’t look try hard. My favourite denim trend has been the move towards the ‘baggy’ shape. I love that this proportion can work with so many different silhouettes. Lately I’ve been loving the way a baggy jean looks with more tailored outerwear and a slingback.

"A great wardrobe should be made of pieces that will never go out of style – even if the way we wear them evolves. This has always been a part of our Citizens of Humanity brand DNA. We’re aware that our products are expensive, so when people choose to invest in them, it’s vital that they continue to feel happy about their purchase for months and even years down the line."

– Marianne McDonald