Maman x Cloud Workshop

Cloud Workshop is an art project for bereaved young people aged 5-18 years old, started by Deborah Smith and Missy Anderson Scott in 2008 in Auckland.  Their manifesto is to make art whilst looking out for each other as revenge against the sad, believing that creativity and solidarity can be powerful forces. 

Mother's Day can be a particularly hard time for those missing their Mother's, with the world feeling very shouty, increasing the missing for some. This Mother's Day Maman hosted a Cloud Workshop in our boutique for some of the projects young people so we could witness first hand the incredible work done by Deborah.  

For further information on Cloud Workshop and the incredible work Deborah does please visit their website via the link below.

Learn more about Cloud Workshop

Cloud Workshop x John Reynolds

Maman is both proud and humbled to be able to collaborate with Cloud Workshop and famed New Zealand artist John Reynolds to bring you this limited edition Maman Tote bag.

All proceeds from the sale of this tote go back to Cloud Workshop to assist and support this incredible and deserving project.  

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Mother's Day Competition

Alongside the in-store workshop we ran a competition asking local children to design a special tote bag for that mother figure in their life.

Five incredibly talented children had their totes bought to life to gift to that special person for Mother's Day.

Thank you to our Maman community for all your support of Cloud Workshop this Mother's Day.