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Maman x Claire Stapleton

Maman x Claire Stapleton

Maman x Claire Stapleton

Claire Stapleton is a self-taught, New Zealand born artist based in Sydney, Australia.

Inspired by the human form and the connections we have with each other, Claire’s work is a continuous journey as she explores both conscious and unconscious responses through the process of painting on paper, raw linen and cotton canvas, and ceramics. With only three years in her practice, her use of expressive colours, gestures and structured forms is ever evolving. Her current interest is in the negative space around us, as well as the dichotomy and harmony between femininity and masculinity.

A long admirer of Claire's work, our Maman co-founder Emma was thrilled to collaborate with her in the creation of two one-off pieces 'Pearls' and 'Mother'. We sat down with Claire to chat about this collaboration, her artistic inspiration, family and of course fashion.

Who or what are your biggest artistic influences?

Originally my work was very much inspired by the likes of Picasso, Matisse and Le Corbusier. Now I see other influencers in my work, for example the structure and control in my work I think is influenced by the hours and techniques I learnt from my father who I spent my childhood days in his draughting office at the back of our home. I am also totally influenced by the people around me, whose faces are subconsciously drawn in my work from memory. My close friends are also my artistic influencers – they are all creative and clever… I’m lucky.

When is your favourite time of day to create?

After the kids go to bed, I make a hot chocolate (or pour a wine) and head into the studio. I love it but I stay up too late!

Is there a specific environment or material that’s integral to your work?

Colour always feels really important to me when I work on my pieces. It’s the first thing I decide on and it is the catalyst to the whole feeling of the work.

Favourite or most inspirational place to visit?

New Zealand, of course. It’s a painting in itself. But really there are too many places that inspire me for so many reasons… I love vibrant cities, quiet beaches and lakes, amazing galleries, modern architecture and the list goes on.

Tell us a little about the two pieces you have created specifically for Maman?

Both pieces for Maman are inspired by the brand and the women behind it. ’Mother’ is about the forever connection a mother figure has with their child. And ‘Pearl’ is a classic piece… she is that strong, elegant women I see within the Maman brand. But I’m always interested to see what the viewer sees and interprets in the work.

What’s the best piece of advice your Mother has given you?

Great question. I’m not sure, but my Grandmother always had interesting advice. With shopping, she would say that if you see something you love ‘buy it in every colour’ … not sure I live by this at all, but I think it’s pretty fabulous.

What couldn’t you live without?

My family.

Favourite Designer?

I love New Zealand designers like Marle and La Tribe. One of my favourite international designers would be Anine Bing, she’s actually got a great pair of shorts out for the northern hemisphere summer and I can’t wait to wear them for ours.

Your go to mid-year holiday destination?

It’s changed over the years, and we do love a good hot holiday, but these days we try to do a ski trip to Wanaka mid-year. It’s our way to spend time with our New Zealand family and hit the slopes.


Maman has collaborated with Claire to produce two one-off pieces 'Pearls' and 'Mother'.  Both pieces are currently available for viewing in our Remuera Boutique or via POA to


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