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International Womens Day is the 8th March and the theme for 2021 is about Choosing to Challenge.

A challenged world is an alert world.

Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day.  We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world.

From challenge comes change, so let's all choose to challenge.

#ChooseToChallenge IWD2021

Here at Maman we are surrounded by both incredible local and international women.  Today, on International Womens Day, we introduce you to those International Women who inspire us daily through their brands with which we are lucky enough to work alongside.


One of the first brands we actively sought when the doors of Maman opened, we are forever inspired by Ulla Johnson.

As a fellow business owner, wife and mother, we have enjoyed growing with and watching Ulla as she seamlessly balances the challenges of helming a brand, raising her three children (Soren, Asher, and Agnes) with husband Zach Miner, and designing four collections a year.

From the first delivery of Ulla Johnson eponymous label to Maman, her dreamy ready-to-wear has become a mainstay within the wardrobes of Maman Women.

We love her joie de vivre approach to her collections. “That’s what is so fun about fashion: You have the ability to kind of reinvent yourself every day,” she says.


 Elise Pioch Balzac is the sensory architect behind much loved Maman brand Maison Balzac.

The French-born, Sydney-based founder is a constant reminder to us to stay true to your brand and believe in it.  When Elise first started Maison Balzac she was told countless times that the perfume and candle industries were overcrowded and it would be hard to stand out.

"What they didn't understand is that my concept was to develop perfumes based on emotions and abstract ideas rather than places or ingredients." says Elise.  "Without hesitation, my two favourites are L'Obscurite and Sainte T. They both transport my heart into a special place every time I smell them."


Jormi Graterol is the Venezuelan street artist nicknamed “The Graffiti Queen”.  Born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela, the artist moved to Paris at the age of 25 years when she discovered the realm of street art.  Her signature handwriting and style is easily recognisable and is designed to create a dialogue between the audience and the artwork.

Jormi is a reminder to us that collaboration is a key to success. Collaborating with fashion brands all over the world, it is her latest partnership with Zadig & Voltaire that has the Maman team the most excited!  

"We signed a partnership and they asked me to customize my own capsule on leather goods. I selected 20 pieces and painted them using my style and Zadig & Voltaire aesthetic. The result was amazing. They have now asked me to reinterpret/develop new imagery for the brand with no artistic limits" says Jormi.

Jormi's art is not just a statement, it’s a mindset. She uses her words and messages as a tool for empowerment, which here at Maman we just love!


Henrietta & Orlagh met at University of Arts London, where on their first day enrolling as students Henrietta complimented Orlagh on her vintage handbag.  The pair have been best friends ever since and also lived together through their first 5 years of RIXO - becoming more like sisters than friends.

As fellow female founders, here at Maman we relate to their continued passionate approach to running RIXO and how they live, breath, eat  and sleep the brand. With no outside funding or investment the girls have together, made every decision and are still 100% in control of the brand - which they believe is key for the longevity & freedom to ensure they can stand by what they feel is right for the brand, instead of being pressured to hit financial targets. 

"We’re really passionate about developing a global community of #HumansofRIXO, inspiring and empowering real women around the world through their wardrobe. Our #HumansOfRIXO, our customers, are at the heart of everything we do" announce the design duo.

We could not agree more!


Unless you have been living under a fashion rock for the last 9 years, you will be well versed in the style of Anine Bing.  A beloved favourite with our Maman Staff and Women alike, Anine is a constant reminder to dream big and never forget where you came from.

“When Anine Bing first launched, we were packing and shipping orders from our garage in Silver Lake, Los Angeles" reflects Anine.  "With the support of our loyal customers and an all-star team, we’ve been able to take our vision global. Our mission remains to create modern wardrobe essentials that inspire women to feel confident and empowered.” 


Community has always played a big part in what we do here at Maman.  We are forever thankful to our family, friends and customers who have and continue to support us each and every day.

Here's to equality, empowerment and celebrating women's achievements.

#ChooseToChallenge IWD2021

Kate and Em 


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