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Pron. Soleil (sol-ay), sun in French, and Luna (lieu-na), moon in Spanish. 

Here at Maman we love nothing more than finding exciting new womenswear brands that offer sophisticated ease of wear and are cool yet refined.  Australian brand Soleiluna is this and more!  A blend of the raw and romantically cool, Soleiluna holds mercurial appeal.  Silhouettes are ethereal and inviting, accenting the diaphanous qualities of cotton and silk.  Soft flowing dresses, sweet button-down shirts, gathered up frills and floaty skirts showcased in enticing hues and captivating prints are the foundational pillars of the collection.

Founders Natalie Cohen, Kate Bensimon and James Ji combine their talents of design, textile, production and supply with PR and communications to create a brand that holds close the nomadic spirit, invoking the mood of freedom.

We caught up with designer Natalie Cohen and chatted about all things Soleiluna, what inspires her and what is to come for the brand.


When and how did Soleiluna come about? 

Soleiluna has been an idea mused upon for the last 5 years and came to life this February 2021, with the release of our first collection.  It was the lovechild of an on-going passion to express beauty through the clothes we wear daily and the textiles they are crafted from; and a desire to send this creative thread and joy-making project out the universe to share with others. This, meshed with the idea of how the items that have the closest contact with our skin, can shift our moods and emotions, as they give our self-expression a visual voice.  In acknowledgement of the fleeting moment of contemplation, at the start of our day where the ritual of dressing and self-adornment, can serve as either an anchor that brings us back to ourselves, or conversely, has the power to transport us to places in our memories and imaginings.  I wanted to bring a droplet of beauty and gentleness to this internal moment of solitude we all have in our day.

How would you describe the Soleiluna customer?

I would like to think it is someone whom the designs, fabrications and brand speak to, bringing a smile to their face and heart.

What inspires your  collections? 

I am a fan of the decorative and I am a dreamer.  I am a reader and a researcher (in my own way). I am also a people watcher.  I am inspired by what I see around me, by history, from stories, as much as I am from my imagination.  I daydream to far off lands (that I have travelled to or not) – I love richness, luxe-ness, antiqueness - taking it all the way there and then gently trimming away the edges.

Do you have any favourite styles from this collection and why?

Drop Yoke Maxi Dress in Whispered Kiss:

This is the easiest throw-on, go-to, don’t need to think about it, look great summer dress.  I’ll wear it until it’s thread-bare thank you.

V-Yoke Midi Skirt

Another skirt I have been dying to add to my wardrobe and can never find anywhere.  Something I will live in until it will no longer have me.

V-Ruffle Shirt

For me this was such an exciting piece to see when it was finally completed. For some reason it just ticks all the boxes for me, its understatedly sexy, feminine and cool, but also has a sweetness and innocence to it with its frills and generosity of fabric.

What are you watching at the moment?

I am not watching anything at the moment but I am re-reading Fabulous Nobodies by Lee Tulloch, and I have just ordered Edith Warton’s, Age of Innocence that I cannot wait to embark upon.

What are you listening to right now?

I am having a revival moment with The Beatles and The Doors.

What’s your daily go-to outfit?

In summer it’s always a midi skirt, a loose, favourite t-shirt or vintage shirt and leather sandals.  In winter it’s an old pair of jeans, a couple of cashmere sweaters layer up, snow boots and a huge coat as I am always freezing!

What’s the best advice you got from your Maman (Mother)? 

Compassion.  Try and put yourself in the other persons shoes and see it as they are experiencing it.  I think that informs so much of my thinking and is a skill I try to always better in myself – but it is a learning challenge for life!

What should every woman have in her wardrobe?

Soleiluna!!  And plenty of her favourite undies.

What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

More layers of prettiness and luxe – we are so excited to develop our aesthetic out deepen our offer – maybe some t-shirts and winter coats may land the mix. Watch this space, we look forward to having Maman on this journey with us..



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